Is Scott the Andrew Breitbart of the Biblioblogosphere?

I’d say. Just watch this video:

Don’t mess with West Virginia, Scott.

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12 Replies to “Is Scott the Andrew Breitbart of the Biblioblogosphere?”

    1. The video is only about half done. I tend to think that the video maker, like Breitbart, most likely instigated the situation with a woman who was a little off. Plus it was the nearest thing I could get my hands on to gig you about the ‘West Virginia Shore’ comment

    1. The lady clearly has problems, but the camera guy is just as clearly egging it on.

      Reminds me of two things:

      “The riot started after the press arrived”.

      “This is boring; you need to jump now.”

      Sad all around.

    1. You ask me that’s someone who obviously doesn’t get out much.

      And a classic emotionally disturbed person.

      I wouldn’t take anything she says any more seriously than what a five year old says.

      Sad she can’t fit in better than that.

  1. I don’t get out much but I’m not racist. Far from being a pyschological victim, she seems to reflect the attitudes of your average American fundie.

    To call her racism a “problem” implies she’s got some kind of illness that she can’t help — and therefore can’t be held responsible for. As if somebody sneezed on her and she caught the racist virus that’s going around the southern states!

    She could fit in better if she chose to give up her racist beliefs. She’s not a five-year old and she’s not helpless.

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