Is Science to Blame for the rise of literalism?

Leave it to the Brits….

British theologian and Anglican cleric Keith Ward contends that the growing role of science in the world, where countries depend upon scientists and inventors to drive their economies, has led to a growing literalism.

Or so reports Michelle Boorstein on the Washington Post’s On Faith blog. Writes Boorstein;

“Keith Ward, a British philosopher who was for years the canon of Oxford’s cathedral, argued that the rise of science has led in the Judeo-Christian world to two things: literalism, because people no longer value things they can’t prove, and secularism, because critical thought can tend to shift people to look at the Bible like any other book..”

TEXAS FAITH: Is science leading to a new literalism? | Texas Faith Blog |

I sorta see the point, especially when you examine modern Christian ‘apologetics’ which ‘must prove’ the bible ‘100%’ true or else none of it is true. Or the YEC’ers.

I blame science…. and people who have no real notion of Christian interpretative history.


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3 Replies to “Is Science to Blame for the rise of literalism?”

  1. You make a good point. But isn’t “blaming” science sort of like blaming gravity when someone knocks something off the shelf? 🙂

  2. Perhaps science isn’t to be blamed? Wherever truth is found, its origin is the One who is Truth.

    Perhaps the problem is that truth is not often found in those who call themselves by the name of Jesus Christ?

    Perhaps the problem is that many people, including Christians, view biblical doctrine as simply another opinion at the table to which obedience is optional?

    Perhaps the problem is that the people of God have lost sight of the calling to be holy as God is holy?

    These are simply thoughts and observations. If the people of God demonstrate a faith that is powerless to transform either themselves or the world around them, then scientific literalism which powers and drives all of the “powerful” gadgets we use seems like a pretty good alternative.

    Perhaps the solution is not the rejection of science but rather whole hearted abandonment to God? Or the invitation of the Holy Spirit to search our hearts and conform us to the image of Jesus Christ inside and out?

    Because then Christians will show the world something that science cannot do, transform the hearts of men.

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