Is Rodney a Gnostic Heretic?

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Following on the discussion of the translation of the Son of Man (here and here), Rodney has posted a great article on the use of the ]]:

In this homily Reverend Weems re-tells the congregation the dispute according Acts 1:15-26 in which the disciples wish to replace Judas Iscariot.  Towards the end of her sermon, she cites the extra-biblical document, The Gospel of Mary as an ancient resource that points to Jesus using a woman as an agent to spread the Gospel.  Her interpretation of the gospel of Miriam is that God has lifted a woman up over the male disciples. (here)

For more on the this work see here and here.

Here’s the thing for me – I do agree that we have to read the Text along side those other works, but to go so far as Rodney may go? You know that I use Sirach, Wisdom and other works (can I get a shout out for the Wisdom of Solomon?) but none of them have been deemed heretical.

Of course, I would recommend that you engage his post, paying no attention to my apocryphal conversation with him… I mean, I may in fact be twisting his words and thoughts to suit my own storytelling method and to get my own point across…

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2 Replies to “Is Rodney a Gnostic Heretic?”

  1. Yes, you are twisting my words, lols! You know in the post I said that the Gospel of Mary denies the goodness of creation. Speaking of Wisdom. I have a treat for you later this week on Fiorenza and the Wisdom tradition.

    Gonna blow you out of the water!

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