Is religion about war or peace?

I wonder, if we truly are the religion of peace, then where is our call for it?

Evangelical Christian leaders such as Pat Robertson have assailed President Obama’s effort to engage Iran, and the results so far have not vindicated the president’s approach as a diplomatic policy.

But if these leaders’ goal is to bring Christian attitudes into the realm of public policy — which, of course, is what they have called for time and again — they might just as well be thanking the president for his new strategy. That is what the experience of one of history’s greatest Christians, Francis of Assisi, teaches us.

Francis engaged Christendom’s enemy, Egypt’s Sultan Malik al-Kamil, by approaching him unarmed in the midst of the Fifth Crusade in 1219. The Crusaders had laid siege to Damietta, a city at the mouth of the Nile where 80,000 people were dying of disease and starvation.

Is religion about war — or peace? –

Have you have read CNN’s piece, take a gander at Daniel’s.

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