Mark and the girls 1958 Perth
Mark and the girls (Mary, Mary, Mary, and Martha (1900-)1958 Perth (Photo credit: MR MARK BEK)

Michael Kruger states,

In fact, it is worth noting that Mark presents Jesus as God from the very opening few verses in his gospel, in a manner that is often missed on a quick reading of that passage.

His entire post can be found here: Does the Gospel of Mark Present Jesus as God? | Canon Fodder.

James McGrath has since responded.

My answer is nuanced. By opening his Gospel as Mark does, he is presenting Jesus as representing God, but this does not (as we know from the OT) mean the representative is the represented. But, Jesus is in God’s place.

Why? Because Jesus is slowly taking the place of God. Jesus is not God in Mark, but because God is absent, Jesus replaces God by doing what God does not. Jesus forces God to act by becoming the obedient Israel and absorbing the violence of his world into his body.

This is tiring, I know — but we see the same theology in Lucan’s Pharsalia. Cato the Younger acts in the place of God to become the God(divine)-Man. His death is the sacrifice for Rome and to the gods because the gods are absent.

Is Jesus God and a party of the Trinity in Mark’s Gospel? I don’t think so, but Jesus does become God.

Others have noticed Mark’s adoptionistic language. I’m okay with that.

Theologically, this is why we have four Gospels.

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