Is it me, or is Revelation the most beautiful of the New Testament books?

Vision from Book of Revelation
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We are currently studying the Book of Revelation in our Disciple Three class at the local Church. For me, as one who has studied it past the hype afforded to it, it has become a fifth gospel – I use that term often when speaking of Revelation. It is the witness of who Jesus Christ is to the Church, through our trials and persecutions and even to call us to live amongst those who are oppressed.  It is full of vibrant scenes, color, action, death and life.

What sayeth ye?

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5 Replies to “Is it me, or is Revelation the most beautiful of the New Testament books?”

  1. I completely agree!! As terrifying as some things sound in Rev I find the way that those who turn to Christ will be…immune (?) to the afflictions. That shows just how powerful our God is. For some reason thinking of how horrible something could be and although you’re standing right in the middle and come out unscathed (for the most part at least) is just miraculous. But yeah…I totally agree

  2. Revelation is the victory of God – it is beautiful. Its not nearly as terrifying as a: Joel, and b: the reality of what is going on in the world…

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