Is Inerrancy a Distraction?

Jeremy has a ‘pondering‘ –

And, reflecting on that experience later, it seems to me that inerrancy was often a distraction.

Well, yeah. The problem is that too often, we add to the inerrancy issue with ‘If it’s not ALL true, then none of it is true.’ What we really mean is, if our interpretation is not all correct, then the bible is false. It is a distraction when people focus so much time on proving the bible ‘true’ that they forget Christ who is the Logos Incarnate who has given the Spirit which testifies in Scripture to the Truth. Often times, we forget that the bible is meant to be lived and is living, and yet, we box it in and forget the writers who wrote or assembled it. By denying the whole of Christianity because we have found an ‘error’ we become our own divine inspiration.

Yes, Jeremy, it is a distraction from the Gospel which we teach, preach, and I hope someday to live.

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7 Replies to “Is Inerrancy a Distraction?”

  1. Oh, the problems you are confronted with when you don’t realize the biblical texts should be viewed just like any other religious texts.

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