Is God silent?

That was a question posed yesterday. After all, for some reason, we no longer have God speaking to us in books and “written revelation.”

First, Scripture is not written revelation. It is the inspired record of God’s interaction with us.

Second, some Christian traditions raise Tradition up to the level of Scripture. Why? Because Scripture is a subset of Tradition.

I know, I’m not a very good Protestant. That’s okay. I can live with that. Scripture is the basis of the theology of the faith, but Tradition affirmed it as so.

That’s where Canonical Theism comes in at. It provides us with the voice of God who is indeed still speaking. See the works by ]]. Read the Creeds. Listen to the experience of Church with Reason.

Yup, God is still speaking.


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7 Replies to “Is God silent?”

  1. Since you’re not a good Protestant, you also might not believe that God speaks to the church today through visions or dreams, do you? It’s presumptuous to think he doesn’t.

    1. As a better question. Don’t characterize an answer that you expect to receive as one that spells doom.

      You can read my next post, just published

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