Is Dr. James McGrath a heretic?

Now I don’t ask this question lightly… but here is the evidence

Doug Mangum has begun a contest to see who can find the most boring book title. I am not sure if I’ve thought of the best contender yet, but at the moment I’m inclined to go with this one: The Book. But I may yet come up with something better still, and so had better wait until I check whether we can enter more than once. (here)

Now, the particular ‘book’ he is describing as, um, ‘boring’ (Tyndale be praised, Tyndale forgive) is the New Living Translation 1996 edition.




The Book is not ‘boring’… it is, and will forever be, a national treasure, and it was, until 2004 which lasted until 2007, the ONLY inspired word of God.

So, is Dr. James McGrath a heretic? Until he offers public penance in the way for proclaiming that The Book was from 1996 to 2004, the eternally ONLY inspired word of God and that currently, the ONLY inspired word of God which we will ever have is the ]]… oh, and withdraw his entry from Doug’s contest, and demand that I win, well then… the issue is unresolved.

Oh… and buy his book:


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