Is Boone County Sheriff, Randall White, an idiot? #WV

He has written a letter to President Obama stating,

“It is with all due respect, I wish to inform you that as long as I am Sheriff of the county, I will not, nor shall I ever support any alterations to the Constitution of the United States or any of its amendments, specifically the Right to Bear Arms…I feel that resources such as money and time can be better spent by punishing the few citizens who commit crimes involving firearms. If we are to change any laws, I suggest enhancing the prison time for crimes involving firearms, which I feel are committed by a very small percentage of our population.”

Note that he has taken an oath to defend the Constitution, but has chosen to specify a corollary — as long as the Constitution doesn’t change.

So, let’s see.. considering that the Second Amendment, which even conservative judges has said is not unlimited, is a change in the Constitution, then by all rights, Sheriff White should not uphold that amendment, correct?

Or the end of slavery, the right for all people to vote, the limitation of presidential terms, voting rights for eighteen year olds, direct election of U.S. Senators and the other amendments, 27 in total.

Further, since the Constitution has in it the ability to change by amendment and enliven through interpretation, then what the Sheriff has actually said is that he refuses to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, but instead is attempting to pick and choose what he wants to obey. Wonder how he would feel if I went to Boone County and started a Plantation, complete with slaves? Or if the U.S. Government forced him to house soldiers? Again, all changes to the Constitution.

He is not alone as at least three other West Virginia county sheriffs has said they would refuse to enforce laws related to gun control. Granted, the Putnam County Sheriff said that he would refuse to obey any executive order requiring him to arrest citizens with AK-47s — because we know that this reality is completely feasible. In other words, the Putnam County Sheriff is another buffoon with a badge. They all ignore both the Heller decision and the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. But hey, you try to ignore a law you think unconstitutional (because, you know, it is the citizens and not some Supreme Court Justicies, who decide the constitutionality of the law) and see if one of these Sheriffs will arrest and prosecute you.

These Sheriffs, but stating they will not obey their oaths of offices should be removed from office… else “there exists a state of lawlessness in the State of West Virginia.”

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