Irenaeus on Apostolic Preaching

The original, like all of Irenaeus’ originals do not exist. This was found in 1904 in Armenian and is thus translated into English. This passage below is clearly an economic view of the Deity. Here, there is but one God – the Father who is the first principle, the Creator. God is reason, logic, logos, therefore, through the His very Word, he created all of creation. Logos is the channel of creation – John 1.2-3. God is spirit, as again we find in John. Irenaeus united these to the Word and Wisdom, Son and Spirit.

Is the below statement one that oneness believers and trinitarians can both agree on?

5. Thus then there is shown forth 14 One God, the Father, not made, invisible, creator of all things; above whom there is no other God, and after whom there is no other God.15 And, since God is rational, therefore by (the) Word He created the things that were made;16 and God is Spirit, and by (the) Spirit He adorned all things: as also the prophet says: By the word of the Lord were the heavens established, and by his spirit all their power.17 Since then the Word establishes, that is to say, gives body 18 and grants the reality of being, and the Spirit gives order and form to the diversity of the powers; rightly and fittingly is the Word called the Son, and the Spirit the Wisdom of God. Well also does Paul His apostle say: One God, the Father, who is over all and through all and in us all.19 For over all is the Father; and through all is the Son, for through Him all things were made by the Father; and in us all is the Spirit, who cries Abba Father,20 and fashions man into the likeness of God.4 Now the Spirit shows forth the Word, and therefore the prophets announced the Son of God; and the Word utters the Spirit, and therefore is Himself the announcer of the prophets, and leads and draws man to the Father.

14. 4 Or “shown to be”: cf. V, xviii. 1: “Et sic unus Deus Pater ostenditur ( = dei/knutai).”

15. Cf. Isa. xliii. 10.

16. 1 God is logiko&j, therefore by lo&goj He created the world. The play on the words is given by the Armenian, but cannot be given by the English translation.

17. Ps. xxxiii. 6.

18. 2 “Gives body:” apparently representing swmatopoiei=: cf. I. i. 9, of the Demiurge of Valentinus: ….

19. Eph. iv. 6.

20. Cf. Gal. iv. 6.

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