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From time to time, I ask others bloggers to introduce themselves. Sure I could do it, but they can better describe themselves.

I’ve been offered the opportunity by Joel Watts to write a brief post of introduction to my blog.  Thanks, Joel.  I’ve already attempted that from the about this blog angle and the assumptions (?) angle, so at the risk of boring people I’ll write briefly from a “Who I am” angle.

Mitchell Powell is my real-world name, and it’s what I use in blogging.  Otherwise I’d get confused as to which one I really was.  I officially study Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American studies at OSU, but I prefer biblical studies and I’ve focused the greater part of my free time on them for the last few years.  I’ve got no credentials at all for the bible or blogging.  I approach biblical studies from a believing angle, as someone who believes that the Bible is always true.  I realize there’s all sorts of questions associated with that.  I’ll try to keep dealing with them, but not in this short little introduction.

I was raised a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and an MK (Missionary Kid) and the eldest of nine kids.  I’ve moved about a lot, so I’ve attended a variety of churches, mostly aligned directly or indirectly with the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.  There was also an Assemblies of God in there too.  My theology tends to be pretty similar to that of the churches I was raised in, but not always.  My goal is to understand things as they really are, not necessarily as any particular group sees them.

Reasoning is very important to me (not that I always do it perfectly), and so is my faith.  I don’t draw a line to separate the two, because the two areas inform each other:  we need to be able with reason to see through false religious ideas, and our faith helps us to navigate in the world of logic.  They’re complements.

Copyright leaves a funny taste in my mouth, for a number of reasons, and that’s why I don’t copyright anything I write.  For this reason, I have a “stuff” section on my website which lead to a collection of free or public domain bibles and books and such.  I haven’t been blogging too long, although I’ve had my website for two years, starting in August of 2007.  About a month ago I took everything down and started from scratch.  That’s been good–it’s allowed me to get real organized.

I like textual criticism.  Although I realize that it often boils down to technical quibbles over spelling or little unimportant words, there’s something automatically weighty about the work of trying to figure out what exactly the Word of God says in the originals. (For those interested in textual criticism, I come down pretty hard pro-Byzantine, as distasteful as that may seem to some.)  Some of my posts are really technical-looking, because I’m into textual criticism and greek and hebrew and all that good stuff.  I’m still working on my greek and hebrew.  Feel free to skip whatever posts you don’t feel like reading (even if that’s all of them).

I think that honest, searching study of the questions of the Bible, however trivial they may seem, is one way (among others) to show respect for God, grow closer to Jesus, cultivate dialogue between Christians, and contribute to the general education of the world and especially the body of Christ.  And that’s what I’m trying to contribute to.

Peace in Christ,

Mitchell Powell
search the scriptures

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