Interaction, Work and Sing – Labor Songs

Since today is Labor Day, and as part of the interaction with Richard D. Cohen’s book, ]], I thought that I might post a few of the songs and singers which are featured in his work. Working as a Community Organizer in the Coal Fields, and participating in certain events which needed songs, I have seen the power of these songs in action.

Pete Seeger was an influential singer, songwriter and collector of Labor Songs, and features heavily in Cohen’s book,

Which Side Are You On?

We Shall Overcome

Solidarity Forever

We Shall not be moved


Woody Guthrie

This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land,


Tennessee Ernie Ford

John Henry,

Sixteen Tons,


Lead Belly

Take This Hammer,

Bourgeoisie Blues


Hazel Dickens

Black Lung

The Mannington Mine Disaster


Coal Miner’s Grave (I’ve Actually Been to this Grave Site)


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