Instruction on the Ecclesial Vocation of Theologian

I thought that this might be interesting to a few people, regarding Catholic dogma and theology:

The theologian’s work thus responds to a dynamism found in the faith itself. Truth, by its nature, seeks to be communicated since man was created for the perception of truth and from the depths of his being desires knowledge of it so that he can discover himself in the truth and find there his salvation (cf. 1 Tim 2:4). For this reason, the Lord sent forth His apostles to make “disciples” of all nations and teach them (cf. Mt 28:19 f. ). Theology, which seeks the “reasons of faith” and offers these reasons as a reponse to those seeking them, thus constitutes an integral part of obedience to the command of Christ, for men cannot become disciples if the truth found in the word of faith is not presented to them (cf. Rom 10:14 f.).

It is a rather long document, but one which a few of you may either enjoy or enjoy shaking your head at.

Instruction on the ecclesial vocation of theologian.

And because I haven’t decided how I feel completely about this one yet, I’ll link to it in hopes of continued formulation.

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