Inside Perspective on Tyndale’s Structure

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I share my perspective on this matter as a full time employee in the event anyone finds it interesting.

This structure is an intriguing prospect to current and prospective employees in a couple of ways. First, the work God does through our for-profit efforts directly prospers beyond our four walls and in very powerful ways. On days it feels nothing goes right, and in instances where God’s work is readily apparent, this fact proves encouraging. Simply put, this motivates us. Second, it is amazing to work at a place where the executive team and board shares my desire for kingdom work, and makes this a business priority.

Our founder, Ken Taylor, always said that Tyndale is God’s company, not his own. Our current structure is a direct reflection of his heart to run it that way. His desire to share with and prosper other ministries could have been completed by giving it all away. Truth be told, this was almost a reality and perhaps the last chapter in the Tyndale’s story. But with sound financial counsel (which continues today) Tyndale’s been blessed with several more decades of giving back that has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of grants to Christian work in all parts of the world. I’m grateful that in an economy of greed where trusted, honest leaders are few and far between, we serve in a company that is intentional in word and deed.

Public discussions about Tyndale’s business structure hardly if ever come up outside our company, mainly because Tyndale is not motivated to publicise this, rather, they are motivated by being sound stewards of the resources they’ve been entrusted with. Understand that what I’ve shared here is my unique view and in no way am I a company spokesman on this matter. But since this blog post is a rare exception where it is being discussed publicly, I thought I would throw my perspective into the mix.

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