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It is a good and proper thing to have a study bible that is set within the Great Tradition. That’s why I like the Orthodox Study Bible — because it acknowledges that Scripture is primarily the book of the Church. By the way, this is big ‘O’ and not just orthodoxy (ecumenical creeds, etc…).

Anyway, where is me working through 3 Maccabees:

Orthodox Study Bible


orthodox study bible II

Also, Wisdom of Solomon with an Icon for me to pay attention too:

Orthodox Study Bible, Wisdom of Solomon

And, a picture of it in iOS:

I usually read the NETS for my main LXX translation. It is my go-to translation. In the Orthodox Study Bible, however, the SAAS translation is made available. This translation, unlike the NETS, is liturgical in design. It is readable.

…included with every copy of the OSB is the St. Athanasius Academy Septuagint, a new English version of the LXX created specifically to accompany the Old Testament annotations of the OSB. The SAAS began with the New King James Version as its base, but changes were made at any point where the LXX differed from the Hebrew text. Moreover, brand new translations were created for the additional books (often referred to as Apocrypha or Deuterocanon) not found in the NKJV. The translation of these additional Old Testament books use the NKJV style and vocabulary as a template to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the OSB.

Make sure you get a copy shortly, while introductory pricing is still around.

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