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Profiling America is an “open-source” documentary. That means that every aspect of the project from fundraising, to pre-production, to production, to post-production, is a nationwide collaborative effort. Anyone can raise funds. Anyone can earn an Associate Producer credit by raising a minimum of one thousand dollars toward the $100,000 goal. Anyone and everyone can go and contribute their own ideas about the film, from the content, the stories the film will tell, the experts to be interviewed, the subjects to be investigated, even the overall aesthetics of the film. Anyone can volunteer to help out during production. In post-production, however, there are limits to the collaboration. In order to have access to the footage and take part in post-production discussions, you have to have contributed at least $5 to the fundraiser. Profiling America is not “a film by Thom Stark.” It’s an open-source film by America, initiated by Thom Stark. Of course, the open-source metaphor can only extend so far. Thom will ultimately have the final say on what ideas can reasonably be incorporated if the film is going to be coherent, but all ideas are welcome and will be given full consideration. Anyone can contribute to the process.

Why an “open-source” film? The answer is simple. It’s a film that deals with deep-seated problems in our society, and ours is, or rather, has to be an open-source society if it’s going to be a society worth sustaining. So the nature of the film reflects the nature of the world we have to create.


If your student organization helps with fundraising for this project there are two incentives you can earn. (1) If you raise a minimum of $100, your student organization will be given a “Special Thanks” in the film’s credits. (2) If you raise a minimum of $5,000, your student organization will be listed at the start of the film as one of the production companies. I.e., Planetoid 562 Pictures, in association with , presents…

There are two different ways you can do this. Inquire at for details. Let’s work together on this!


If you want to earn (not “buy”) an associate producer credit on the film, here’s what you have to do. Personally raise $1000 worth of pledges from your network of friends, family and associates. It will work on the honor system. To secure the credit, get your network to pledge at least $1000 worth of funds, then send an email to and include a list of the names of the backers whose pledges you personally have solicited. You don’t have to provide their full names. Just look at the list of backers on the link above, and see how they’ve identified themselves on Kickstarter. Good luck, and thanks for your support!


Make your pledge now and you won’t be charged until the fundraiser is finished, at 11:59PM CST on Monday the 21st of May. Remember that with Kickstarter, if we don’t reach the fundraising goal, we get nothing. It’s an all-or-nothing system. That means, if we get all the way to $99,999 dollars, but fall just a dollar short at the deadline, we won’t see a cent. So please keep that in mind as you are pledging and spreading the word. Thanks so much!

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  1. Couldn’t make it up? Do you know how Kickstarter works?

    You realize Joel is promoting this, not making fun of it. Right?

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