Infographic on Why Do Marriages Fall Apart

A couple of different infographics at the site below, but this one I found interesting:

I don’t feel so bad now – we actually have things going in our favor. Both my wife and I have enough baggage to statistically say we should be divorced by now. Both come divorced homes. Both of my parents were married several times. Shucks, I actually watched one set of grandparents get a divorce. We lived together and had a child before marriage. Etc… etc… etc…

So, how do you, if you have dead weight dragging down the probability of a successful marriage make it work?

Infographic of the Day: Why Do Marriages Fall Apart? | Co.Design.

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3 Replies to “Infographic on Why Do Marriages Fall Apart”

  1. I find it quite interesting that religion accounts for only a -14% drop in divorce likelihood, while wealth, education, and family planning have significantly higher modifiers.

    Looks like actual life-improvement activities hold more weight than wackadoo superstition…

    1. So I’m to expect the moody, arrogant Robert today then?

      Studies actually show that active involvement in religious activities help to cement the marriage because it keeps the family together. While you are a fundamentalist and thus expect God to control every aspect of your life and that somehow religion is the cure all, most people who read the text do not.

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