Indiana’s Senate Education Committee sends Creationism Legislation to Senate Vote

Ever notice how all the wrong people are put in charge of all the wrong things? Indiana’s Senate Education Committee, to use as a completely random example off the top of my head, illustrates the point:

From the Indianapolis Business Journal:

The Times of Munster reported that the Republican-controlled Senate Education Committee voted 8-2 Wednesday to send the legislation to the full Senate despite pleas from scientists and religious leaders to keep religion out of science classrooms.

The bill allows schools to authorize “the teaching of various theories concerning the origin of life” and specifically mentions “creation science” as one such theory. Creationism is the belief that the Earth and its creatures were created by a deity.

How do these people get assigned to committees? Do they draw names out of a hat? Is there a Sorting Hat? Is that Sorting Hat an uneducated moron? I’m trying to figure out why 8 of 10 senators on the Education Committee think that the science education of Indiana’s youth would be enriched by “creation science”.

I suppose if it is passed, and “creation science” is allowed to be taught, teachers could spend the bare amount of class time on it. All it takes is five seconds to say “God did it”, and then you can spend the rest of the year teaching the students to do real science.

Here’s an idea. If this bill passes, public school teachers should start teaching Creation stories in science classrooms- but Creation stories from all different cultures. Islam, Hinduism, Nordic, Egyptian…there are a wealth of Creation myths from cultures apart from the Judeo-Christian canon. Start teaching those stories and we’ll see how these Republican anti-science senators react. I imagine it would conflict with some of their ideological commitments.

This is precisely the kind of news that makes a reasonable person bleed from the ears. The students of Indiana’s public schools deserve better.

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6 Replies to “Indiana’s Senate Education Committee sends Creationism Legislation to Senate Vote”

  1. On the subject of your suggestion to include all religious creation stories, I was told a Mojave creation story by a person trained in anthropology, which goes through the usual surface account of geologic, meteorologic and biologic beginnings, but at the end goes something like this:

    After God created everything, he became confused because the way it all fit together was so complex, and so he got drunk on cactus and turned himself into a seagul.

    The account in Genesis looks better in comparison to that, at least.

  2. The evolution theory is an irrational falsehood, zealously embraced by atheists, that is a phony conclusion of the 600+ million year fossil record. There is no “valid supporting data” for evolution. In a court of law, or in a public forum, the same evidence that evolutionists would use to try to “prove” the validity of that theory, I would utilize to reveal the truth of Genesis. In order to believe in evolution, you have to purposely ignore certain facts of reality. For example, when you see illustrations of primates being pictured as evolving into humans, it can be shown in a court of law that such a premise is impossible, because certain human and primate traits are different, and could not have ever been shared. The only “common ancestor” that humans and primates share is God Himself.

    Current Creationism has refused to teach the truth of the Genesis text, and either teaches foolishness (young Earth), or false doctrines (non-literal reading of the text). Creationists thoughtlessly try to prove “Creationism”, rather than seeking and teaching the truth of Genesis. How can an untruth, ever prove another lie, to be in error? You can’t do it. That is why Creationism fails. It essentially is also a lie, and should be discarded, even by Bible believers.

    The correct opposing view to evolution is the “Observations of Moses”, which conveys the truth of Genesis chapter one.

    Those that imply that God used evolution are infidels at worse, or clowns at best, that refuse to learn the truth of Genesis. The truth has been available for more than 18 years. Such a discussion is currently silly, and shows stubbornness against learning the truth of God’s Word.

    There are no “creation stories” in Genesis. In fact, about all of theology and creationism have no idea what Moses was writing about. You can’t simply take an advanced book of math or science, and try to read from it on your own without personal instruction.

    For example, Genesis declares that mankind has been on this Earth, in his present likeness, for more than 60 million years. The “male and female” in Genesis chapter one was not “Adam & Eve”. Has modern science discovered that yet?

    Herman Cummings

    1. I don’t really know where to begin Herman. Your first paragraph caricatures evolutionary biology and severely underplays the quality and quantity of evidence in favor of our current understanding of earth’s natural history. I would caution you to not be dismissive of the body of evidence that has been built up in little over a century, over a dozen scientific disciplines, that support evolutionary theories of human origins.

      As for the rest, I did not find it intelligible in the slightest.

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