In this day and age, the telephone game is still funny

I want you to start here, with Jim. He suggests the Huffington Post is “a beloved source of misinformation and stupidity” and compares it to Fox News. This is really laughable because the Huffington Post contains some dedicated journalists, but generally is made up on bloggers who contribute to the site or the editors pull from newswires different stories — MUCH LIKE A REAL NEWSPAPERS.

What has him in such a hizzy? He copies from here, which posts the story from here under the headline “Majority of Brits” praying that new Royal baby is …(Umm)…gay.

Ironically, Newsbusters (the latter site) is akin to Fox News.

Note the story. Michael (Twisted Crown of Thorns) says Brits are praying. Newsbusters says they are hoping. 

Newsbusters accuses the HuffPo of hyping. I’m not sure regurgitating a story in one of the many subsections of HuffPo as hyping. This is the story on HuffPo. This is the original study, originally in the International Business Times, a site that looks to be well respected.

If you look at the word count, you might say that Newsbusters is doing more to hype the story than Huffington Post. But, let’s get beyond that.

Look at the original story on HuffPost. The results of the survey does not indicate a majority of the British are hoping (and most certainly not praying) for George Alexander Louis to be gay. The results of the poll indicate a majority of those surveyed couldn’t care less if he was. They would be comfortable or neutral.

So, what does this mean? It means you had best really, really, really be careful who told you what. There is simply no excuse to play the telephone game on the internet.

I’m not accusing anyone of gossiping, but I am. And it looks really bad on you guys. Because if you are going to accuse the HuffPo of misinformation, you may want to make sure you get the right information first.

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