In the Mail: Two Books for the Road Ahead

I’m been informed by that I will be receiving for review from the publisher Thom Stark‘s newest book, The Human Faces of God, which sounds more than interesting and timely. I can see this book being a giveaway in the future. Thom’s book comes with an impressive list of endorsements,

“Christians can ignore the facts that Stark brings into the light of day only if they want to be wrong.”
—Dale C. Allison, Jr.
author of Constructing Jesus

“The Human Faces of God is one of the most challenging and well-argued cases against the doctrine of biblical inerrancy I have ever read.”
—Greg A. Boyd
author of The Myth of a Christian Nation

“I learned so much from this book that I can strongly encourage anyone who is seeking to move from simplistic proof-texting to a comprehensive understanding of the Bible to read this book carefully.”
—Tony Campolo
author of Red Letter Christians

“This is must reading for Christians who have agonized over their own private doubts about Scripture—and for others who have given up hope that evangelical Christians can practice intelligent, moral interpretation of the Bible.”
—Neil Elliott
author of Liberating Paul

“ith the help of this book, we may discover that the Bible—when we read it in all its diversity and vulnerability—does bring healing words to those who keep listening.”
—Ted Grimsrud
author of Embodying the Way of Jesus

“Stark’s book effectively demonstrates how the Bible, in practice, is the most dangerous enemy of fundamentalists.”
—James F. McGrath
author of The Only True God

“Stark provides a model for theology that is committed to hearing the voice of the victims of history, especially the victims of our own religious traditions.”
—Michael J. Iafrate
PhD Candidate, Toronto School of Theology

“This book is the most powerful antidote to fundamentalism that I’ve ever read.”
—Frank Schaeffer
author of Crazy for God

One of the most interesting things about my faith journey is wrestling with the Scriptures, to figure them out – to explore, to look under and found that sometimes, I’ve overlooked more than a few things. Through this wrestling, the spiritual exercises have increased my faith. This, and other reasons, are why books like Thom’s are essential to the Christian conversation.

And, Energion has been gracious enough to send along a copy of their newest book, Finding My Way in Christianity, by Dr. Herold Weiss.

Finding My Way in Christianity: Recollections of a Journey is a story of dealing with the differences within the Christian community that is both personal and theologically reflective. With a diverse cross-cultural background, exceptional theological education, and fascinating personal experience, author Dr. Herold Weiss is uniquely qualified to write about this topic.

This notable book outlines the author’s experiences starting in Montevideo, Uruguay and moving through various educational experiences and teaching positions. It is no accident that the chapter titles reflect geographical locations, as the journey through space provides an illuminating metaphor for the faith journey that accompanies it.

Some of the people you meet in this book will make you angry. Others will make you thankful to be a Christian. Some will evoke your sympathy even as you seek to understand why they acted as they did. All of them will help give you some insight into what goes into a successful journey of faith. You can read Finding My Way in Christianity either as an interesting story or as theological reflection. The author’s experiences will resonate with many of us who have experienced the divisions within the Christian community and dealt with those who would silence dissent. Dr. Weiss’ story comes primarily within one denomination, but it follows outlines that will be familiar to many.

If you find yourself on a journey of faith, you owe it to yourself to read Finding My Way in Christianity.

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