In the Mail: Something I Want to Read Edition

Thanks to IVP-Academic for this copy. I cannot wait to read it. Above all, the Incarnation is my quintessential doctrine – for the life of the Christian is tied into the life of Christ.

I recieved it on Friday, and am now trying to finish a few more books before I tackle this one.

This is the first of a two part series from the late theologian, Thomas Torrance.  I look forward to reading it.

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13 Replies to “In the Mail: Something I Want to Read Edition”

  1. well, his book on the atonement is coming out in the fall – I have this book too and need to get it read in time for the new one!   it has some pretty good stuff and will put your brain to work!

    ps, would have any way of finding out which icon is used for the book cover?

  2. Icon’s, now there’s a subject worth attention! For the Orthodox it is a little window to heaven! For us Reformed people, even Anglican’s that would be rather hard. But, my jury is out still? What say blogdom? And for what its worth, I got to sit sit under the voice and teachings of T.F. Torrance several times. Great Christian man!
    Fr. R.

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