In the Mail – Saints Preserved

Thanks to Image Catholic Books (an imprint of Random House) for sending along a pre-release copy of Saints Preserved: An Encyclopedia of Relics by Thomas J. Craughwell.

Since I have returned to the Catholic Church I have remained relatively Baptist in my day to day piety.  I read a lot of scripture in my devotional time.  A book on saints and relics should then prove an interesting experience for me. At any rate here’s a short review from the front matter of the book that I thought was interesting:

Relics are an often misunderstood part of the Catholic devotional life. Derided as either superstitious or just plain ‘gross,’ they are in fact an important reminder of the physicality of the saints. The saints were not mythical creatures or legendary personages, but flesh-and-blood men and women who walked the earth, ate and drank, wore clothes, wrote letters, and lived entirely human lives. Thomas Craughwell’s new book provides readers with a comprehensive guide to the most important relics in the church and where they can be found, and venerated. His book is simply one of a kind.” —James Martin, SJ, author of My Life with the Saints and The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything.

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