In the Mail: Expanded Edition

I received this bible today. Thomas Nelson’s entry into the field currently occupied by the Amplified Bible.

Product Description
The Expanded Bible: New Testament reflects the latest scholarship, current English, and the needs of contemporary students of the Bible. This new testament includes a multitude of study aids right in line with the text. Expanded translations and other helps make it possible for you to study the Bible while you read

  • Expanded translations bring out the meaning of words and offer alternatives.
  • Literal meanings of terms from the original languages are included where they can provide more understanding.
  • Traditional wordings assist recollection of familiar terms and expressions.
  • Comments explain passages that can be understood better with a brief remark.
  • Useful references supply rewarding opportunities for comparing other Scriptures.
  • Variants display additional wording in some of the original language texts.

So far, it looks to be interesting – I like the translation/expansion of John 1.14, not so much of JOhn 1.1 and Luke 23.47. It is a weighty volume, to be sure, and ‘prettyy.’ I’ll try to post a video of it with my review.

To be honest, one of the issues that I have had with the Amplified Bible is that it first, it seems to add to the word of God and second, it’s difficult for public reading. A quick look at the Expanded Bible reveals that it shares the same problem. Granted, when you step back and loot at the goal of the Expanded Bible you know that it no more adds to the word of God than a Study Bible does, but it doesn’t make for pretty public reading.

I hope to have the review up shortly.

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15 Replies to “In the Mail: Expanded Edition”

  1. In the end, things like this (The Amplified Bible, The Message, etc. the old Living Bible) can be useful in the right hands, but too often they are NOT used properly. And many people just use them because they want to support some hobby horse, or even lead to misuse and certain untruth. This has been my experience, and especially with the Amplified. Not my favorite for certain!
    Fr. R.

  2. I would say the “wrong hands” people are the lay people who use it as their main Bible translation although I haven’t seen this one (not that I’m an authority on what Bible translations are acceptable for people).
    I’m looking forward to your review. Video would be good.

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