In the Mail: Doing Philosophy as a Christian (Christian Worldview Integration Series)

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Thanks to IVP-Academic for this review copy –

What does it mean to be called to the profession of philosophy? What does it mean for the Christian in particular? And how should those called to the profession engage their tasks? Noting that philosophy literally is “the love of wisdom,” Garrett J. DeWeese begins with a discussion of wisdom from the Old and New Testaments before addressing the often misunderstood relation between faith and reason. DeWeese then elucidates the fundamental questions of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and aesthetics, philosophy of mind and philosophy of science, finally making a case for the integration of philosophy and Christian spiritual formation.

On a side note, IVP has a great holistic marketing effort.

Just saying.

I am looking forward to this, as I used to think that Philosophy and Christianity couldn’t, shouldn’t, mix, but….

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  1. I personally think that the excellent Christian philosophy percolating up from Down Under is pretty exciting. Watch out for the forthcoming invasion by Antipodean Philosopher Kings!

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