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Well, I’m not going to write a full review the CEB New TestamentI won it in a contest, and my Greek is functional.  I can make my way through just about anything in the Greek New Testament with my Readers Greek New Testament.  But, I probably wouldn’t be the best to comment on the actual translation.

At any rate, I did just want to say a few words about the printing.  The typeface and spacing look absolutely wonderful.  There could be a bit more of a margin for my liking.  But, all in all this looks like a Bible that would be very easy on the eyes.  I am glad to see that publishers are starting to take this into account more and more.  I have noted in the past that Ignatius Press is another publisher whose books are relatively easy on the eyes.  And sometimes I binge read their books because I don’t feel myself stopping quite as often on account of my eyes or anything like that (not to mention I also enjoy the content).  The pages are just the right size to make you feel like you are making progress through a book.  This New Testament reminds me of that.

Of course, this is only the New Testament.  And once the Old Testament is added to a translation I assume that sometimes making the text easier on the eyes must often be sacrificed due to space constraints.  Otherwise, you end with a Bible that is about a half a foot thick.  But, kudos to Abingdon Press for a beautiful text nonetheless.

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