In The Mail, Ben Witherington III Edition

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Kind regards to the nice folks at IVP-Academic for this review copy. (You can find Ben’s introduction here, and in pdf form here.)

From Amazon:

“Ben Witherington is a skilled historical exegete who has, probably uniquely in our generation, pursued his passion for the theological and ethical message of the New Testament through commentaries on every one of the New Testament books. Now he has given us a summation that is even more unusual–a New Testament theology that allows to every one of those books a voice that really counts. A magnificent climax to Witherington’s work.” –Richard Bauckham, University of St. Andrews

“Fresh from writing major commentaries on each of the New Testament’s twenty-seven books, the Methodist exegete Ben Witherington III here sets forth the theological and ethical vision put forward by each of these books. With superb detail, Witherington presents the unified vision of the New Testament: God in Christ communicates his holiness to his people. Learning about God and learning about holiness thus cannot be separated. While Witherington emphasizes the strict necessity of historical-critical tools for every good reading of Scripture, the ecclesially formed reader will note with satisfaction that his key insights are classically Methodist.” –Matthew Levering, University of Dayton

“To discuss the theology and ethics of the New Testament is to dive into a vast ocean of theological reflection from many angles. It would be easy to get lost at sea. That is where a good navigator and cruise director are essential. Ben Witherington takes up both roles and steers us on a solid course through the array of ideas the New Testament treats. He does so with skill, clarity and an eye on what is important. He also notes what dangers lurk in taking a wrong course. In sum, here is a solid introduction to how theology and ethics work together in the New Testament. Enjoy the tour and linger in spots. It will be worth it.” — –Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary

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