In the Mail – and it still hurts edition: Raw Revelation: The Bible They Never Tell You About

I received this from the author today:

The Bible is dynamic and powerful. But the Good Book isn’t always good. It can be confusing, disturbing, and sometimes downright ugly. So it’s been censored. It’s been robbed of its beauty and truth . . . by the church. Preachers of every ilk and denomination cook the Book, boiling away the unsightly and unpalatable passages. They never tell you that God can be a misogynistic, genocidal maniac, that Jesus encourages self-castration, that the Easter stories in the four Gospels are incompatible, that Paul was wrong about Jesus’ second coming, and that the Bible does not forbid abortion or premarital sex.

Fast-paced, hard-hitting, and entertaining, Raw Revelation calls Christians to resist the attractively packaged and processed Scripture and to dig in and deal honestly with the messy and tasteless aspects of the all natural Word of God. As Jesus himself says, believers are “to live on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God,” not only the words carefully selected and sanitized for Sunday sermons and sound bites. Regardless of your beliefs (or non belief), this book offers plenty of food for thought. At a time when wars are fought over religious differences, when the close association of Christianity and American politics puts the Bible in the public square, and when many people around the globe continue to believe in the Bible (even if they have not read it), everyone should know the uncensored content of the world’s all time best seller. So here it is. Real. Raw. Scripture.

100 percent of the proceeds from this book will be given to international Christian organizations.

Many thanks!

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6 Replies to “In the Mail – and it still hurts edition: Raw Revelation: The Bible They Never Tell You About”

  1. It seems to me that lil Ronnie has a case or angry towards women and preachers. He also suffers from narcissism. Lil Ronnie, you aren’t smarter than God. Read the scripture from the view point of a layman. Don’t read it from the viewpoint of an over educated, made at mommy and daddy and preachers point of view.

    God loves you.

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