In the mail: A revealing book from Wipf and Stock

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Publisher’s Description: A detailed critical analysis of various apocalyptic texts which poses a solution to the problem concerned with the method of studying allusive Old Testament material, particularly from Daniel. This study shows how Daniel helped mold the eschatological thinking of both Jews and Christians around the time of Christ.

364 Pages
Published April 2010

About the Author: G. K. Beale is Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, PA.

You can order it from Amazon as well. Can’t wait to get into this one…

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2 Replies to “In the mail: A revealing book from Wipf and Stock”

  1. That looks promising. I would enjoy that, had I the time to get it and read it. As it is, I’m about three years before catching up with the books that I have. I seem to be always adding to them, though.

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