In the email – @logos’s Worship in the Early Church: An Anthology of Historical Sources

61FYCBDpffL._SX260_ Worship in the Early Church is a four-volume collection of excerpts from early Christian writings illustrating the Church’s liturgical practice in both East and West, from its Jewish beginnings through the end of the sixth century. Source material includes doctrinal and historical treatises, scriptural commentaries, sermons, letters, synodal legislation, early church orders, monastic rules, and baptismal and funeral epigrams. Each author or major selection is preceded by a short introduction containing such information as dates, country of origin, and various other background details. A bibliography of pertinent periodical and liturgical literature is given, as well as a bibliography referencing standard encyclopedias of religion and manuals of patrology.

via Worship in the Early Church: An Anthology of Historical Sources (4 vols.) – Logos Bible Software.

First – you can get this entire set, hardcopy, from amazon for $270.00 or from Logos for 199.00, if not less with your academic discount.

Second, I’ll follow up with screenshots and reviews, but honestly, even a quick scan, these are awesome.

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