In the (e)Mail – @KregelAcademic: The Singing Grammarian Songs and Visual Presentations for Learning New Testament Greek Grammar

There are scores of first-year Greek grammar textbooks available for Bible college and seminary courses in biblical Greek. Far less plentiful, however, are tools that help students learn and retain the subject matter, regardless of the textbook they use. People learn in many different ways, and a multimedia approach has been underutilized in the teaching of biblical Greek. There is no better way to assist today’s New Testament Greek grammar student than The Singing Grammarian. Designed for use on video display devices or computers, this fun learning program covers the major areas of introductory Greek and the major paradigms taught to introductory students. The title of each song explains its content: The Greek Alphabet song, First Declension song, Second Declension song, Third Declension song, Definite Article song, Present Active Indicative song, Present Middle/Passive song, Future Active and Middle song, Secondary Endings (Imperfect) song, Aorist Active and Middle song, Liquid Verbs song, Passive System song, (Plu)Perfect song, Imperative song, Subjunctive song, Infinitives song, and Participles song. These videos in Mov format can be played on many devices. On a Mac or PC, simply use Apple’s free QuickTime player for viewing. For those who want to view the videos on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, add the videos to your iTunes library and then sync them to your device. Many Android-enabled phones as well Blackberry phones are able to play these files too; just add them to your phone. If your phone is unable to view the files, use a video converter to create a suitable format and screen size for your device. For ease in downloading your purchase, use a high-speed broadband connection and a download manager.

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