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As many of us get ready for our Annual Conferences and then the General Conference, it would behoove us to go back and reread, relearn, or even learn the first time Wesley’s thoughts, theology, and heart. Granted, only his sermons and notes on Scripture are part of the Doctrinal Standards of the United Methodist Church, but I think the entire Wesleyan Corpus should help us grow as Christians and Wesleyans, even if they are not Standard.

So, that’s why I am beyond thankful Logos has sent me the collection of Wesley’s works (this goes beyond his sermons and letters, but into his works (letters) and journals:

The John Wesley Collection (29 vols.) contains all of his theological works, including the four-volumeĀ Explanatory Notes upon the Old and New Testaments, plus his journals, essays, letters, sermons, grammars, psalms, hymns, and addresses. Those familiar with the Thomas Jackson edition of The Works of John Wesley are aware they include some of his journals, but these are incomplete and missing large chunks of important entriesā€”sometimes entire years are missing! The Logos edition of the John Wesley Collection (29 vols.) contains the unabridged and authoritative eight-volume journals edited by Nehemiah Curnock. Also included in this massive collection is a three-volume, in-depth biography on this extraordinary man of faith.

I cannot wait to dig into these works!

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  1. It is an excellent collection. It contains not only the entire Jackson collection of Wesley’s Works, but also the much more complete version of Wesley’s Journal by Curnock, which contains much material not in the Jackson, and much better footnotes. Now if Logos only would include the Bicentennial edition of Wesley’s Works. Logos has a tremendous amount of Wesleyan resources in their catalog, including the New Bible Commentary and Dictionary, works by Ben Witherington, Tom Oden, Luke Timothy Johndon, and tons more. Great choice of Bible Software for a Methodist!

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