In the Email from @Logos “Methodist & Wesleyan Library Builder (160 vols.)”

Guess what Logos is doing…. and if you know anything about historic patterns… this may mean that a Wesleyan/Methodist package will soon be released…

Unlock the heritage of the Wesleyan tradition with a personal library of both classic and modern Methodist, Holiness, Wesleyan, and Nazarene writers and theologians. With resources focusing on four main areas of study: biblical studies, theology, preaching and ministry, and classic works, the Methodist & Wesleyan Library Builder personalizes your library at an enormous discount. From John Wesley to Thomas C. Oden and Joel B. Green to Adam Clarke, this library is sure to meet the needs of any pastor, student, or layperson ready to learn, pray, worship, and teach the Word.

Source: Methodist & Wesleyan Library Builder (160 vols.) – Logos Bible Software

I’m reviewing this all next week. The posts, once they are live, will be found here.

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