In the (e)Mail from @FortressPress – Introduction to the History of Christianity, @Inkling Edition

Introduction to the History of Christianity: Second Edition tells the dramatic story of Christians’ 2000-year journey to the present day. Using the full text of the print textbook plus chapter summaries and primary sources from the Study Companion, this Inkling Interactive Textbook also provides over 25 audio and video clips; poptips and call-out boxes; guided tour and slideshow images; self-tests; social note-taking; and full-text searching, bookmarks, and highlighting features. (Here)

Thanks to Fortress Press for this copy. Can’t wait to dig into it. Here are some introductory pictures on my Mac and iPad:

inkling mac
The Mac view

On the iPad, the first thing you’ll notice is that you need download only the section of the book you’ll need. I suspect this is to save space given the large amount of data contained in the ebook.






The transition between sections of the book is seemless, btw. I’ve tried to capture one such transition. I’ll preview this book more later.

Right now, I’ve got to shovel a lot of snow.


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