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It is now beyond any scientific dispute that all life evolved by a natural process of random mutation and DNA crossover, genetic drift, horizontal gene transfer, and natural selection. We are the highly refined but happenstance products of blind experimentation carried out in a design laboratory that has been running itself for billions of years. We are first cousins to the chimpanzees, descendants not of any biblical Adam but of lumbering hairy ancestors who were making fires and hand axes in Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago. Accepting this has been especially difficult for Christianity, because evolution challenges many foundational doctrines.

Concerned believers are walking a troubled middle path between Genesis and genetics, threatened with the loss of a cherished faith on the one hand or their intellectual integrity on the other. Numerous science-savvy theologians have emerged to help them on their way, a whole cottage industry of guides working to establish their own different trails through the hostile territory outside Eden’s comforting fairyland. Writing with the combination of high criticism and low humor that fans have come to love from Robert M. Price, he and co-author Edwin A. Suominen survey the apologetic landscape and offer their own frank reckoning of evolution’s significance for Christian belief.

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  1. The author assumes that because our evolutionary history could have been the result of happenstance, therefore it was the result of happenstance. That’s fallacious reasoning. Further, it certainly hasn’t been demonstrated that it could have been the result of happenstance. Work by Dr. Douglas Axe demonstrated that one particular protein could not evolve by happenstance into a very similar protein in the time that our universe has been in existence. If A could not evolve into A’ by happenstance, why should we assume that B was able to evolve all the way to Z by happenstance? We should be a little more demanding of those who claim that it happened by haven’t yet presented a detailed way that it could have happened.

  2. Isn’t Price a mythicists? Or at least know for his quackish theories? Or is that a different Price. And the other I believe in an electrical engineer. So, I have a hard time seeing how this duo is qualified to give nuanced and thoughtful discussion on biology and Christianity. This seems like no more than atheist apologetics.

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