I’m not sure I agree


Define “require”… define “truth.”

For instance, the pastor who died over the weekend because he “had the truth.” The truth for him is in the KJV. He doesn’t rely on humanities or theology, nor on the simple science that if you get bit by a snake you may die, regardless of prayer.

I get the sentiment, that science is not all there is, but surely it can be better expressed than this?

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2 Replies to “I’m not sure I agree”

  1. In so far as truth is concerned, it’s the parable of the blind men and the elephant. There is your version of the truth. There is my version of the truth. Then, there’s actuality/reality.
    Require is equally as subjective. The game seems to be put more of a burden on science than on religion. It is something that Jesus would have probably recognized quite well had the argument arisen in his day.

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