I’m going with hype and speculation for $imcha

Dr. Cargill and others have been buys debunking the latest pre-Easter hype from Simcha and Associates (Archeologists and Photoshoppers, Inc). Anyway, the venerable Simcha has posted on Dr. Cargill’s blog,

….The fact is that a handful of scholars are suffering from what Prof. Yosef Garfinkel calls “paradigm-collapse trauma.” That is, literary compellations of groundless arguments, masquerading as scientific writing through footnotes, references and publication in professional journals (BAR, May/June 2011, p. 47)….

Dr. Cargill later responds,

Agreed. And your life has apparently taken you to discover the real route of the historical Exodus (“The Exodus Decoded”), the actual tomb of Jesus (“The Lost Tomb of Jesus”), the very nails of the cross of Jesus (“The Nails of the Cross”), and now the Jonah and the Whale ossuary, the “the earliest archaeological record of Christians ever found” (“The Jesus Discovery“), despite being “neither an archaeologist, nor an academic” (-Simcha Jacobovici, “The Nails of the Cross: A Response to the Criticisms of the Film,” jamestabor.com, June 22, 2011, p. 45.).

You must admit, that’s pretty spectacular! Life has either led you to become the most prolific archaeologist of all time, or your archaeological career is based upon pure speculation…

I’m going to with pure speculation…

Anyway, make sure you read the entire post.

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