I’m an atheist

I mean… I do not believe in the god described by the guy to your right…


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2 Replies to “I’m an atheist”

  1. Another stupid cartoon trying to distort who God is, His holiness and His will. Since it is God’s kingdom, HE gets to set the rules not humans.

    Distortions like the cartoon only give a manipulated untruthful view of WHO God is and only focuses on the parts that appeals to the artist but with Christianity you have to give the whole story truthfully or it would be a lie and true believers are NOT to use sin in promoting what the Bible reveals to us.

    Sadly, too many believers take liberties with God’s word and set a very bad example. If the cartoon’s depiction of God the Father was correct, where would we get our morality from? How would we know what was right or wrong or what will happen when we disobey?

    The examples we see in the OT tell us how severely God takes sinful actions and instead of vilifying God for His standards all people should take note and adjust their lives accordingly.

    1. In other words, you really don’t know who to focus on the subject at hand, but see everything as an attack on God… You are insecure in your faith, albeit a faith not secure in Scripture.

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