I’m all about Marian adoratio, but what does this mean?

English: Our Lady of Fatima.
English: Our Lady of Fatima. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Holy Father strongly desires that the Marian Day may have present, as a special sign, one of the most significant Marian icons for Christians throughout the world and, for that reason, we thought of the beloved original Statue of Our Lady of Fatima,” wrote Archbishop Rino Fisichella.

via Pope to consecrate world to Mary’s Immaculate Heart :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

The headline reads… the world to… Anyone want to tell me how this is possible?

Also, I bet LeHaye and Haggee are jumping straddle-legged.

If for nothing else, it is worth it.

The world could do with more Mary. Just sayin…

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