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There seems to be some confusion as to my identity as of late, so I’d like to take a few minutes and clear that up. I am a real boy. Joel Watts is not Mister Geppetto. My name is of course Scott Fritzsche. I am not a pseudonym, pen name, nom de plume, alias, stage name or even sobriquet of Joel Watts. Going back over this, it seems ridiculous that I even need to say that, but I digress. I will turn 40 later this year, I live in the greater Columbus, Ohio area and am an active member in good standing with my local UMC. I do not represent them in any official capacity other than of course being a member and the privileges and responsibilities that come with that. If you are ever in the area feel free to check us out. You can find us online here:  http://www.trinityumchurch.com/

Joel and I have not met in person as of yet, but I am hopeful that we will be able to this summer. He invited me to blog with him here and after some consideration I decided that I would. I am not as regular with it as I would like to be, but I am trying to get on a more regular schedule. I would consider myself a brother in Christ with Joel as well as a friend in so much as one can be a friend without physical presence. I respect his opinions, even when we disagree, which we do. The thing that makes that disagreement possible while maintaining brotherhood is the faith that we share.

OK I think this answers the questions that were asked. It seems insane that I need to do this but there we go…if you happen to have further questions, feel free to shoot me a message via Facebook and I will try to answer to the best of my ability and willingness.

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8 Replies to “I’m a real boy”

  1. 3 things about this:

    1) LOL
    2) It must be true: Joel could never, even as a pen name, claim to be from Ohio
    3) I already knew it anyway; you’re a much better writer than Joel is. 😉

    <3 Joel

  2. I was hoping that Joel does NOT suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder.:) I can tell the difference between the two of you. My further questions have specifically to do with your blog persona. You appear to have some academic training in theology and historical studies. When and where did you receive it and do you have a degree(s)? How do you understand your vocation-that may include a job you hold, but doesn’t have to.

    1. I do not have any formal academic training in theology or history. I was raised primarily by my grandfather who was a UMC pastor. A lot of what I know started with him and turned into a love affair if you will with Christianity and the UMC. I try to be fairly well read and do my best to muddle through and find truth. No college degree or anything so fancy. I leave having the special letters after the name to people like Joel lol, 🙂 I have some fairly serious health issues with my heart and lungs that prevent me from working now that are a combination of genetics, poor choices as a teenager/young adult and on the job injuries. Before they cropped up, I worked primarily as a body guard and bounty hunter. I worked a lot with private companies doing personal security for investors and the like over seas as a contract employee. My hope was to actually be able to retire to a simple farming life, but my health prevents that as well, so to the city it was. I have also had the privilege of being able to act as a missionary over seas in numerous countries. Oddly enough, my blog persona is similar to my real life one. I am pretty plain spoken and sometimes to sarcastic and blunt, but do genuinely love people and have a deep love and respect for God through Christ. I spend my time now resting a lot as I need it, doing what I am able in my church which currently is leading a small group discussing the Sunday sermons and working on practical real world ways to apply Christian faith, help in the neighborhood I choose to live in (it is a bad neighborhood, but getting better due to positive influences) by feeding the kids whose parent s neglect them, helping the families who speak little or no English try to navigate the school systems, with their leases etc. and the like. I guess that would be my “job” now if you will. Thanks for asking though 🙂 it is nice to be able to share from time to time.

  3. Long form birth certificate, You
    We’ll need Joel’s too
    No short forms will do
    Otherwise, we’ll have to
    Sic the birther squad on you!

  4. Scott, you state, “I do not have any formal academic training in theology or history.” The UMC offers many online classes History 101 is a great place to start. Basic Lay Servant and the six advanced lay servant classes are also available, as are four Certified Lay Minister Classes. Most of these can be taken at home, although some like Preaching require class room participation. I have taken these classes over the last three years and would encourage all laity to take at least some of them. I have found all 12 of these classes to very spiritually rewarding. The cost of these classes is very minimal and many parishes will give scholarships for class tuition.
    Blessings, Keith

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