I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours

and they blindfolded Him and were asking Him, saying, “Prophesy, who is the one who hit You?” (Luk 22:64 NAU)

That is the quintessential definition of prophecy drawn from Scripture. It is not about telling the far, far distant future, but about, if you will, taking the blind fold off.

Now… what is your definition…

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3 Replies to “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”

      1. The ones that come to mind (without researching), are Moses proclaiming the coming “Prophet”, and, for that matter, any Messianic prophecy, Isaiah’s prophecy of peace to Israel (if one rejects the idea of 2nd/3rd Isaiah), Jeremiah’s prophecy that the exile will last 70 years, Daniel’s prophecy about the coming kingdoms of the world, Joseph’s prophecy about the coming famine after the 7 years of plenty, Agabus’ prophecy about the coming famine, Agabus’ prophecy that Paul would be taken captive if he went to Jerusalem, Paul’s prophecies about the end times (people will be lovers of self…, people will not stand for sound doctrine, we will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye, etc.).

        Well, I did research the prophecies of Agabus, just to make sure I remembered correctly. Which I did.

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