If you see a Catholic eating meat today …

leave them alone.  Today is actually a solemnity and the normal rules concerning fasting from meat during Lent do not apply.  To read the actual canon from the Code of Canon Law, check it out HERE.

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8 Replies to “If you see a Catholic eating meat today …”

  1. Jeremy,

    I am sure that I will leave catholics alone for eating meat, but I am not so sure about that one celebrity who claims to be a vegetarian and pose for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

  2. @David thanks, you too.

    @rod once again a pop culture reference lost on me.

    @gez I think it use to be burning in hot oil ;-). But nowadays I imagine it would have a lot to do with the person’s intent. I doubt it would be considered a grave matter.

    1. A Baptist is probably okay, but if you see him with a Methodist you must chastise him most strongly because Methodists are in league with the devil ;-).

      PS – I know you can see this Joel.

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