If you don’t pray, you will kill your family says @LeoBlair (@ChristianPost)

I took a screengrab just in case they change it…

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.35.35 AM

The article presents the story of a woman severely depressed, likely suffering from clinical depression, who has now murdered her two young daughters before turning the gun upon her self.

What reason do you think CP has for including this “insight” in their story?

In October, she also revealed in another post that even though she wasn’t much of a prayer, she asked for help in praying for her dying grandfather.

“My grandpa, who is my heart and soul, my hero, my love is passing from this world to the next soon. I’m not much of a prayer but please pray for his wife and our family,” she wrote.

Notice the title of the story, read those two paragraphs as much as you want. What do you think Leo Blair (the author of the piece) is meaning to imply? Simply, it is that because she did not pray, she committed a terrible act. She is identified first as young, then as a mother, and then as one who doesn’t pray.

I have no words left I can type on this post… well words that I wouldn’t have to later self-censure.

Young Mother Who Confessed She Wasn’t ‘Much of a Prayer’ Kills Two Daughters and Self a Day After Boyfriend Moves Out.

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  1. Some folks prefer simplistic answers in a complex world. This can be especially true when those answers confirm their prejudices or reinforce their agenda.

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