If The Marginalia Review ever does this, I’m done…

This volume discusses problems related to the vocabulary of the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. The background of the words in Greek literature, their use in the translation, and their later reception in Jewish and Christian writings, including the New Testament, are studied on the basis of concrete examples. The discussion shows how religion and theology can affect the meaning and usage of words and how, conversely, the use of specific words can have an impact on the understanding and interpretation of Scripture. The contributors are Jan Joosten, Christoph Kugelmeier, Kyriakoula Papademetriou, Michaël N. van der Meer, Jan Willem van Henten, Madeleine Wieger, Joseph Verheyden, Eberhard Bons, Anna Passoni Dell’Acqua, and Tobias Nicklas.

I have applied to review for RBL for a while, and I feel that with a masters in hand, I should get somewhere at some point maybe? But when I see reviews like this one… I am not sure I want to review there any more. I mean, rather, for them at any point.

Tis a good thing for the authors that RBL also printed a nice review of the book.

Hopefully, The Marginalia Review will do better.

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