If SCOTUS decides this way, I’m going to incorporate myself

So corporations can buy elections and torture people?

….The case involves whether Royal Dutch Shell can be held accountable in American courts for allegedly working with the Nigerian government to torture, execute and detainmembers of an ethnic group under a law holding the most atrocious human rights violators accountable to international norms. To be clear, there are some legitimate reasons why the Supreme Court should be wary of this case — Shell is a foreign corporation, and its alleged actions occurred on foreign soil, so it is not entirely certain that American courts can reach Shell’s actions. There are worrying signs, however, that the Court’s conservatives are prepared to simply declare all corporations, both foreign and domestic, immune from international legal norms. Most notably, the Court’s supposed swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy, asked several questions suggesting that he does not believe corporations can be held accountable to this law…

SCOTUS Appears Poised To Say ‘Corporations Are People, Except When They Torture’ | ThinkProgress.

So does that mean that if I were to incorporate, I could torture people with some sort of immunity?

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3 Replies to “If SCOTUS decides this way, I’m going to incorporate myself”

  1. the alien tort statute is a horrible law. US Federal Courts should not be the arbiter of all the wrongs in the world.

    1. Um… Doug… considering that American citizens, engaged in such actions, are be tried in American courts and that corporations, national or international, are now individuals who can contribute (um, buy) elections, then the decision will show the double standard of the SCOTUS. Either they have citizenship rights AND responsibilities as individuals or they do not. Simple.

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