If Love Wins, Does Justice Lose?

Human Rights
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A commenter recently remarked,

“Rather than “love,” this seems more like “making distinctions among yourselves” – a practice upon which the James to which you appeal would surely frown. To judge is not to love.”

I responded:

“The God of the Bible has a heart for the impoverished of the land, because God’s eye is on the sparrow, and God examines every detail of society, and has compassion for those whom society rejects. The reason we cannot separate God’s love from God’s justice is because we must recognize God as Creator, and that God in the capacity of being our Creator, has rights over us, but God’s rights come as an extension of God’s love for us, in the act of creating us as free creatures to worship God.  Human rights, which flow from the Creator for the purposes of the Creator, must necessarily be acknowledged as deriving from Love, which crowns humanity with freedom, who then in turn, has the right to life as a free gift from the God of the Living, above all.”


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