If I was dying and walked into your Church

That is why I will stick to the Word of God – it was good enough Christ, it was good enough for the Apostles, and it is good enough for me.


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50 Replies to “If I was dying and walked into your Church”

  1. Nice job on the video. Where is the truth being preached today? I think the prophecy of the great famine for the true word of God in the latter days is in full force TODAY. Every whim and wacky version of every mans Gospel is being preached today and there is no TRUTH!!!! I feel great sorrow for your illness and pray to God that a miracle comes to you. Hang in there and stay close to God.

  2. This is a moving clip.

    I’m a liberal Catholic and feel that while faith is a deeply personal thing, do discuss its affect on our planet, particularly the deleterious societal impact of pseudo-religious zealots and what I consider false prophets that you expose here. I’m active in my church and its adjacent community, which by and large isn’t part of my parish’s congregation.

    I’ve seen you fly by on Alpha Inventions but thinking you were yet another cookie-cutter evangelical site, didn’t investigate until I noticed an incoming link from you. I see that I was wrong.

    While my blog may hold nothing for you–it’s primarily political–I indeed have an interest in yours and will check back periodically to read and study your site more closely.

    From what I see so far, you address issues that need broader exposure. Thanks for making me more curious and for at least trying to make a difference.

  3. Bits and pieces of truth but not total truth. Truth mixed with false doctrines is what i meant. In the millenial kingdom there will be one way of worship and one doctrine with all on the same page and nothing false or wavering. Absulutley no doctrines of men.

  4. What i mean is that there is some truth mixed with false doctrine. No Church preaches 100% true doctrine. There wont be another true 100%doctrine preached till the millenal kingdom. Then all will worship in the same way with no doctrines of men being preached. Only the true doctrine of God.

  5. please read my post about (Jesus did not pre exhist).

    you said
    I believe that the Church has no doctrines of men.

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