If I Die Young – The Band Perry

I love this song and heard it just yesterday. Has an ugly meaning today, doesn’t it?

The cry in our songs isn’t being heard, I believe…

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One Reply to “If I Die Young – The Band Perry”

  1. “Funny how you’re dead how people start listenin'”

    – let’s see how that plays out.

    We just sacrificed another two dozen people on the altar of gun rights. Are we listening?

    Based on what I’ve seen on Facebook, the religious cons are even more into gun porn than usual. I think that a couple of my actual friends have so overcompensated for gun critics that they’re into celebrating this crap. I kid you not … one person posted about what a great weapon the Bushmaster is and said that he might buy a Glock just to celebrate that he can, even though he doesn’t like it as much as his own pistol.

    All but one of the people posting gun porn, by the way, has been a professing pro-lifer. The irony is staggering …

    … and sickening.

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