Idolatry – The Ron Paul Video Game

Supporters of Ron Paul are chronically frustrated over an apparent lack of attention given to the presidential hopeful. One supporter is trying to fight the tide by creating a Web video game. “Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution,” due later this summer, will illustrate his quest to for the White House in an interactive format.

via Ron Paul video game is in the works – Ingame on

Oh my…. Now, the Paul-ites will never leave their mothers’ basements.

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3 Replies to “Idolatry – The Ron Paul Video Game”

  1. I hope the game is about the futile effort Ron Paul made before the Iowa Caucuses to get his tin foil hat supporters to stop using drugs and start showering and shaving.

    It’s the only thing he’s done less pathetic than his political career of pandering to racists and nutjobs.

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