IAA fights to preserve the archaeological heaven of Caesarea

“This is a project aimed at building a residential neighborhood in Caesarea opposite the aqueduct,” said Attorney Radwan Badahi, legal council for the IAA. “The project was presented to the planning committees back in 2008 and the work on it began. Following this, the IAA performed archaeological excavations in the area planned for the neighborhood. The excavations found some of the most important archaeological artifacts ever discovered in Israel. I won’t exaggerate if I say they are among the most important ever discovered in the entire world. These are antiquities which make up a part of the ancient city of Caesarea from the Byzantine Roman period. A cemetery was discovered in the area as well as ancient architectural remains, agricultural facilities, a mosaic and other important archaeological artifacts.

This would be an awesome dig… just awesome.

I’m tucking this away for later use.

I wonder if Simcha will find something there…? Maybe Jesus’s kindle?

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